Welcome to my creative outlet, my word therapy.

I have found, and admitted to myself, I am much ~much better at expression through writing then spoken conversation. You’ve been there too, right? Stumbling over the words that DO come and and walking away a little frustrated that you definitely did not convey the message you wanted to get out in that conversation. Don’t get me wrong- I love  face-to-face interaction! I find it vital and a sincere goal of my parenting to drill this into my children being raised in this every growing techie world we live in. Though I will admit ,when it counts, I stumble over my words especially if its an emotional or important (to me) topic. And then I could run home and write a book with the perfect dialog plastering my heart ever so articulately to a flimsy piece of paper.

This outlet is new to me; I used to write on a constant basis long ago (not THAT long ago, I am only scratching the surface of my 30s!) and I love(d) it and I do mean the physical process of actual pen to paper. I’ve grown up with this technological world with everyone else in my generation, and am thankful for it, and also use it daily- but I still adore and prefer the ink sliding and curving on the notebook with the cover I couldn’t resist adding to my collection (I may have an addiction of collecting notebooks and coffee mugs). I love it as much as I love to flip through the pages of an enthralling book and just could not get myself to jump on the kindle {or the like} bandwagon.

So! With that being overly divulged said, I hope to share my beautiful messy ways here with whomever feels inspired, motivated, or entertained by what they find! Be on the look out for tales of a mama of three, DIY tutorials, Some of my favorite recipes, pictures of our travels , home design\styling tips and encouraging words to help you (and me) get through those days that run like clock work as well as the I’m not getting out of my pajamas or adulting today- days. 1 Chronicles 21


Stay Tuned! 🙂


CH 1

xo sarah


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